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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

:: Best Giler!!!! ::

dear bloggie....

Firstly, nak ucap thnks bnyk2 kt Bita sbb dia dh tolong i bt cursor yg comey ni. Like sgt!!!! Trima kasih...arigato...kamsahamida!!! HEHEHEHEHE~~~!!!

Secondly, yesterday class National Defense and Security mmg fun giler!!! Smlm terserlah smua bakat yg ada..skli gus dgn daya kreativiti yg melampau tahap gaban! hahahaha... plg lawak bila si colin pegang watak lec ktaorg, Dr.Lucy!! KElas mmg riuh la smlm. Smpai dr.lucy sndiri pun x tahan n amik gmbar dgn Colin. And trs colin dpt gelaran baru, Colincy!!! hahahaha...

Below are some pic of us :

~~Colin jadi dr.lucy? Erk! hahahaha...~~

~~me n Colincy~~

~~ muka happy..~~

apa2 pon Dr.Lucy mmg happy n sporting giler la dlm kelas. Senyuman x pernah lekang di bibir dr.lucy. HEEHEHEHE....

p/s : really miss u all after grad nnt.

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