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Sunday, November 13, 2011

:: Adele - Someone Like you ::

Dear bloggie....

Rite now, i'm listening to adele's song, Someone like you. Trust me. This song really really really ooooowhshem!! HAHA... truly madly deeply i love this song so much. Let me share the lyrics with u guys.

i heard,
that you're settled down,
that you found a girl,
and you're married now
i heard,
that your dreams come true
i guess she gave you things
i didn't give to you,

old friend,
why you so shy?
it ain't like you to hold back
or hide from the lie
i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited
but i couldn't stay away,
i couldn't fight it
i had hoped you see my face
and that you're be reminded that for me it isn't over

i'll find someone like you
i wish nothing but the best for you too
don't forget me, i beg
i remember you said,
"sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead"

you know the times flies
only yesterday was the time of our lives
we were born and raised in a summer haze
bound by the suprise of our glory days.

nothing compares,
no worries or cares
regret and mistakes
they're memories made
who would have known how
bittersweet this would taste?

HEHE~~~ suka sangat dgn lagu ni. Sebab lirik lagu ni betul2 bermakna.

"nevermind, i find someone like you"... part ni..cuba bayangkan. Dapat ke kita cari someone yang sama utk menggantikan somebody yg lepas2 tu? Kiranya dari ayat ni dia masih lagi cinta and sayang ngan somebody tu walaupun somebody tu dah jadi milik orang... Kalau aku, mungkin aku akan cari sama kot. Tapi itu pun kena tgk jga. If yg ex tu btul2 baik, ye la kot nak cari someone like him/her. But if ex tu x seberapa..HAHAHA~~ sorry..Xnak pon. HEHEHE~~

Apa2pon, ni cuma sharing lagu je... Bukan apa2 pon kan.. Nak sharing yg lagu ni memang best dan asyikkkkkk gituuuuu! Hehe...

p/s : love is great but it hurts. :D

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