Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hardship of Life

Every each of us have different hardships.
Some don't have shelter.
Some don't have family.
Some are isolated.

All of us have hardship in life. Including me.
Only the different is how we handle it and solve it.

We struggling so hard so we can survive in this cruel world.
More to worst, mostly all of us give up.


We may feel envious with others life.
Friend, relatives or even to strangers.
How lucky they are. What a good life they have. That is our thought.
But we never put ourselves in their shoes.

For others, we only see their appearance but we always failed to see their true color.

Me? I am no exceptional.
What lucky they are have a big house.
What lucky they are have a job with high paid.
The thought of "lucky" itself bring a burden to me.


We may forget that we sometimes are lucky. But we forget.
We may grateful sometimes. But we forget.
How forgetful we are. Is it true?
How thankful we are.

But, somehow we always forget.
Forget how grateful we are.
Forget how lucky we are.

We do have hardship.
Some even are unexpected.

What we should do?

I, the one of the human being that having some hardship of life.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

:: Don't You Remember?::

Hello everyone.

Sorry for my missing since im too busy with my work. Last few days, i heard Adele's song, Don't You Remember was played at cafe while i'm having dinner with my housemate.

This song remind me about how to love one another. It seem that i almost forgot how to love others. Especially love myself. I'm too busy to please other until i forget to please myself. Huhu.. what a pathetic.

After this, i will love myself more.. And my dear friends, please love yourself too. Because there is no other person can love you more except yourself. :D


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lets The Memory Remains..


6 months. 6 months I've been in strange, complicated and untold relationship with him. 6 months I had knowing a lot of thing. 6 months I doing something new to me. 6 months....

The only word that i can express is THANK YOU. Thank you for be part of my life. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the caring as I had received. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much.

All the memories we had created together is worthy for me. Even it only for a short time of period, but I highly appreciated for what you had done to me.

I hope after this we can be a friend. Just a friend.


Friday, March 20, 2015

:: Should I or Not? ::

Should i or not,
Keeping this feeling?
The sweetness and tenderness are slowly losing.
Sound of laughing is more like a need to laugh
A laugh that are force to do
To satisfied others.

The smiling..
Not as tender as before
Feeling of like have to do is exist
Its kinda distract.

Should i or not,
Leaving you?
Feeling of loving you is one of the thing i treasure the most.
Feeling of loving you is the best thing i ever had.
You make me be myself.
You bring out the best of me.

Should i or not,
Fear of losing you.
Be the one side love, is the hardest.
You may like me, but you may not love me as i do.
I am not seeking for reward.
I just want be appreciated.

What should i do?

Monday, March 16, 2015

:: The Mysterious of Life ::


So, how was your weekend guys? I'm pretty sure all of you have great weekends with family and friends. Or maybe some of you just chillax and relax alone at home after deal with tiresome weekdays with work.

My last weekend was...erm.. i can said that it was a bit exhausted weekend. My family and I are busy on preparing a funeral for my late little baby cousin. He was died on 14th March midnight. He only 4 months. (T.T) His dead was caused by his heart are unable to pumped as normal people. Poor baby. Although he was live shortly in earth, but i believe his parents and grandmama and so do his aunt are terrible shock with his dead. He is just a baby. On the day we pay a last respect to little baby, we had a last prayer to him. And there was a reading state that

" When a young people and the old one dies, there is a different. The olders we respect his/her dead because we ourselves known them for a long time being. And we respect their dead. But when the young one dies, we never know why it is happen and we wondering the mysterious of it"

This statement really impressed me. Why? We never know how long we will life in this world. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow we will die. We never know that. Even for that little baby that only breath for 4 months, not even have a chance to call "mummy" and "daddy". Mystery! And we, who are still alive also can't even describe or say any words of this mysterious. I, personally always wonder about this thing. And, at the same time I admit that this is all God's plan. HE is the one who plan this. For us, as HIS servant, we need to accept it and say thankfull for every breath we have right now. 

For certain reasons, our surround is the one of factor of life mystery. How we react, how we live, how we manage our life, and more hows.... If we live in peace even within our family, our life will be blessed. No hatred, no envious, just peace. Everything we gonna do are run smoothly. If we live with full of hatred, anger, extremely envy with other people happiness, surely we can't do our thing like as what we planned. Am i right?

Well guys, it is all up to you. Either you want to live happily or not. It is all in our choices. Sometimes we get something that we never expected. But once it happen, accept it and maybe learn from it. It will never happen twice. (maybe...)

So, that all from me. Lets get back to work...


Gracie XOXO 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover - Selfish.. am i?

I'm wishing all of you have a good day today. 
I am one of Sam Smith's fan. 
I love most all of his song. His song, the lyrics, seriously... really hit myself. 
All the meaningful lyrics, i can say it related to my life right now. 

Be in complicated and secretive relationship with my part time partner, really make me in complicated. I can say it all blame on me. Why? Slow and slowly, i started to love him. The feeling slowly raising in my heart. 

But, i can't ask him to leave his lover just for me. It is called SELLFISH! 
Of course I want he be in my arm, close to my heart beat.. But what can i do? Except wishing him the best. I have to let this relationship just be ...just let it be. 



Sunday, March 8, 2015

:: Everything Have A Reason..*perhaps* ::

Hello everyone.

Yeah..i know its been almost 2 weeks i did not updated my blog. Quite busy lately. Please forgive me..ok?

Actually, there was a lot of thing happened to me. Family, workplace and my own personal issue. Hurm..

As the eldest siblings, i have to deal with a lot of responsibility. My others siblings which are my brothers, they are still schooling. Plus, my father are not working currently. I can say it quite hard for me. My point here is, this responsibility really really really need full commitment. Only now I realized it. (sigh)... I believe, every single person on this earth are having family problem. Except that,the situation is different. If it same, still it different. (do you know what i'm trying to say?) I have this one thinking that i should escape away for a while from this problem. But then, I think back. If i escape, then come back, still the problem is there. Thanks a lot to one of my dearest friend, Diana. She talk a lot to me about this matter. It is help me a lot. Thanks sweety. I N.E.E.D to solve this thing first, then I will go for that "escape thingy". We can run away from problem so easily. No matter what problem is, i must confront it and solve it.

Honestly, in term of love love thing.. I don't know. Should i give up with my part time partner or just keep on moving with what i've done. In positive way, i need him actually. Especially when i'm down and up. I need someone to take care of me, someone i can share my story no matter what. Someone that i can be there and vice versa. But in negative side, he can't love me back. He is care on me but he not love me. He love someone else. I have no intention to take him over from other lady..NO.. Only that, maybe i feel lonely and he willingly to fill my loneliness. (sigh). I admit that i am in complicated relationship. Serve me right. *face palm*

Ok.. enough with that. Now, i just keep on moving with my life. There is nothing i can regret. What happens, it happens.


Grace XOXO

:: Side Dish ::

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