Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hardship of Life

Every each of us have different hardships.
Some don't have shelter.
Some don't have family.
Some are isolated.

All of us have hardship in life. Including me.
Only the different is how we handle it and solve it.

We struggling so hard so we can survive in this cruel world.
More to worst, mostly all of us give up.


We may feel envious with others life.
Friend, relatives or even to strangers.
How lucky they are. What a good life they have. That is our thought.
But we never put ourselves in their shoes.

For others, we only see their appearance but we always failed to see their true color.

Me? I am no exceptional.
What lucky they are have a big house.
What lucky they are have a job with high paid.
The thought of "lucky" itself bring a burden to me.


We may forget that we sometimes are lucky. But we forget.
We may grateful sometimes. But we forget.
How forgetful we are. Is it true?
How thankful we are.

But, somehow we always forget.
Forget how grateful we are.
Forget how lucky we are.

We do have hardship.
Some even are unexpected.

What we should do?

I, the one of the human being that having some hardship of life.

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