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Sunday, February 19, 2012

:: Say Hello to Uni Life ::

dear bloggie...

I'm gonna say HELLO!!!!! to my uni life... yea!! Hehehe.. Supposely today is the last day of our holiday break. However, i'm going back to Kuching tomorrow. Ngahngahngahngah! Escape satu hari saja maa.. Tada apa2 maa... Hehehe... Before i'm fly to Kuching, i will grab a few of keropok lekor (the basah one) and bring it home! Yea.. Hehehe... I don't know why i love KEROPOK LEKOR! Hahaha

*pic taken from mr.Google*

I love the leper2 keropok lekor.. Hehehe.. the one that is more crunchy and tastier. When i was in primary school, during recess time i will buy RM1 for 10 pieces of keropok lekor. Include the tasty sauce ever!!! But now, its hard to find nice sauce like i always ate when i primary. Huhuhu...

Then, on evening i will go to airport and say bye2 to JB. Oooh.. I really sure that i will miss my Anjuay very much. Huhuhu...

Anyway, can't wait to meet all the members. And chit-chatting never ending stories ever. Hahaha..



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