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Monday, February 6, 2012

:: Changi Airport, Singapore ::

dear bloggie,

As i promises yesterday, here are some of my pic at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Look really chubby la i here... wuwu!

meet mr. angry bird. hehehe..

Mr. Blue Angry Bird..

I wake up early in the morning. Just to make sure that my uncle can catch up his flight on 8.05am. Depart early so can arrive early la... Always jammed maa at custom and immigration check. Huhuhu... And luckily i pass at Singapore immigration since my passport expiry is on this coming May. Supposedly, i need to make a new one because malaysian passport holder should renewed or.. apa2 la between 6 month before expiry. But singapore their system is 3 month something.. Hehehe.. Kalau tak, aku stay ngan abg singapore sey.. HAHAHA.. Blh thn handsome la.. WAkakakakaka...

Then, arrive at Changi Airport, PERGH!!!!!!!! What a huge airport i ever seen man! Have 3 terminal. And each of terminal.. WALAO!!! Also have skytrain to link each of terminal. Its like LRT la...

Then, after having breakfast with my aunty, then we going back to JB. We arrive at home around 9.30 am. Because of today is public holiday, then i and angela's babysitter went to Tebrau City and we MOVIE-ing! Hehehehe... At the same time we cuci-cuci mata la... But, i spent my money on food. HAHAHA... Movie i watch? Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. It is really awesome and full of fantasy action.. Plus, i'm using 3D glasses so it is look real! HAHAHA..

Anyway, today was exhausted day for me. But great!. HEhehe..So, enjoyed reading my entry. Just a little sharing from me.




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