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Friday, February 17, 2012

:: Half House Wife ::

dear bloggie...

Today, i just stay at home. For lunch, i cook Kari Daging Kacang Dal. Hehehe.. I get the recipe from my mumy. Boring with the same menu..(almost everyday berlauk kan sup..) So, i called my mum and walaaa... she said, " u can cook curry with dhal. Cook like usual curry then put some dhal on it.".. Thanks a lot mumy.. **mianata, can't show pic of my time taking pic..hehe**

Afternoon, i followed my aunt to office and KWSP. Become her bodyguard plus driver again.. HEhehehe.. Settle with all the important things, then both of us window shopping at Danga City Mall. Absolutely la kan my aunty found something for her.. She bought 2 like a punjabi top. Very nice.. Can use for work attire or for casual. Very universal la... Me?? Aia.. found one, but the colour to bright for me.. Hehehehe...

Last but not least, time to say good night and sleep tight. Ok? Sorry for my broken english.. Hahahahaha...


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