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Sunday, January 18, 2015

:: Woman Talks ::


How are you? I hope everyone is doing fine and feel great. Woman talks is my title. Why? Hehehe.. I can say it kinda reflection after I'm having a very relax talk with one of my friend. And plus, I consider both of us a woman now since our age is considerable enough to become a woman. :D 

So, yesterday one of our topic was Long Distance Career. Which is I define it as (my personal definition ok..?) We working to another place that is not our birth place and far from family. For the place, YES! I do want to work far away from my family since I would love to feel a new experience, new environment, meeting new people. But then, after I think a lot and see a lot of things happen in my family, its kinda hard for me to far away from my family. Plus, I am the eldest daughter in my family. So, the responsibility is there. RIGHT THERE! I can't leave them as I want. Once my family having trouble, they will looking for me. And at the same time, if I'm knowing that they have a problem, I terribly worry. My friend and I talks and think... maybe for a moment being I will be working near around with my family. Once I feel okay and stable, then I should make a move to another place. Its never wrong on trying something new. Its all depend with ourselves either we want to do it or not. 

I think I should start my plan. Travel. It doesn't matter where it should be as long as that I okay and enjoy, so it should be no problem. Hurm.. should start saving some moneys right now! *finger cross* 

So, that all from me. Thank you. 


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