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Monday, January 26, 2015

:: A Message from a Dream? ::

Hello there.

Some people believe that a dream carry a message or mean something. And I'm one of them. I believe on some dream that it gives me a message. Only the hardest part is that I need to interpret that message or just wait what is happening after I get that dream. Then, I will understand the message.

So in my case, last night I dream of my late aunt. She just passed away last 2 months. In my dream, as what I can remember is that we, all my family once again doing a funeral for her. But the weird thing is, all of us knew that we already make a funeral to her. So, its mean that we make a second funeral for her. In my dream too, we having that funeral at my grandparents old long house. In reality, my grandparent didn't stay anymore at that longhouse after burning incident on 2004. Hurm...

So, this morning I called my mum and tell her about my dream. Then she said that, my cousin which is son to my late aunt, he also dreamed of his mother. He say his mother crying and just cry. My mum said, maybe my aunt she look after her children even though she is in heaven right now. And maybe she is sad seeing her children are apart away from each other. Especially two of her younger daughter which is right now stay with my family. Both of them are need to stay with us since their older siblings are working and further their study at somewhere else. For a moment being, all of us need to take care both of them. And of course, all of us accept it sincerely since they are not strangers. They are part of the family.

Maybe...maybe my aunt want to say something. It just that we don't know what she is trying to say.

Aunt, i know you are far away from us. You watching us from the heaven. If there is anything that maybe worried you, please come again to my dream and say what you want to say. And yes, I really miss you so much. All of us do.. Really really miss you.


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