Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

:: Can You Stay With Me? ::


I think it is not to late for me to say Happy New Year to all of you. So today is the 9th day of the year. Everyone make or create new resolution ait? Hehe.. 

And also, I still have few more days to ended my 25th years of life and soon it change to 26. WOW! Thanks to Lord I still breathing and living in this beautiful and miserable world. Thank you Lord. I am so grateful. 

For this 25 years I had lived, as a person it was a lot I had been through and always been through. Life is full with up and down. Life is full of mystery. Life is full of sorrow, happiness etc. I still remember, when I was a little kid, very cute chubby girl, I am so active in school. I join many sports clubs. Every single evening, I never missed to joined a bunch of my friends to played in playground. At certain times, we play "perang-perang" (kind of like we are in a war battle). I have no problem at all to cover myself in mud, or climb a tree or walking with barefoot (until one time, there is one big scorpion stung on my ankle). As long as that I am enjoying myself playing happily with my friends. During that time, there is no such things word as "STRESS". 

Then slowly, I turn to teenage girl. Well, I can say that during my high school time, my style more like boyish. With short hair, simple t-shirt, using long pants or jeans. Just simple me. Then, slowly I get to know how to make over my face. Start to use mascara, eye shadow, lipsticks..*grinning* And my friends make a special request to me. They asked me to keep my hair long because I look more pretty with long hair. And I kept it.. Hahaha.. I really thanks to them because has helped me to know this and that about make up thing. Hahaha. Teenage love? Yeah.. I'm not really have couple during my high school but YES! I do admire few boys back then. Every year I change my admiration from one boy to another boy. Its normal la. What I can say is that, I have 3 types relationship during my high school that is,  2 weeks relationship, 2 months, and 2 years. Well, the 2 years relationship is happened during my Pre-U. I met this boy from my cousin. We become a friend, then fall in love then become lovey dovey. But we ended our relationship on my first year at university. There was few misunderstanding, plus we are far from each other so we rarely contact. Only met during semester break. And we always fight with each other. So I decide to break up. After that heartbroken break up, he still text and called me, but I never reply. For me, what is over is over. No turning back. I entered university, took Bachelor Degree in Social Science at UNIMAS, meet a lot of friends. Still active with sports especially handball, and of course I started to know how to parteeyhhhh!! Oh yeah baby.. C'mon! Hahahaha... 

Now, 2015. Here I am. Still single. Have a job, at least. Experiencing another mysterious of life. I meet a good boss and not so good boss. Reading and scrolling my friend's (who living far from my place now...) Facebook status said that they married, having a baby, etc. Another WOW! I congratulated them and they asked me " Kau bila lagi Grace?" (when will be your turn Grace?) Errk!! Still need to wait a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long time. I myself don't know when will be my turn. Huhuhuhu... 

When I think back, what a good life I've ever had during my childhood. How I wish I can back again to that time. My adult life somehow is suck. I'm tired with a lot of things happen in my family. Somehow, it tested my faith and patience. I'm to tired to stand alone and keep holding the wall that blocks my happiness. Its really hard. I know my family is always there for me but not all can be share. I pray a lot to The Lord. I want be strong and keep stronger by HIS help. Never stop and no doubt. I can questioning what His test but it make me think why He tested me so hard? That is life. It depend on how we handle it, right? 

So, I think that all for this time. Till I write again at the next post.. Byee.. 

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