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Friday, January 16, 2015

:: Being a Single is Not a Crime ::

Hello there.

While I randomly scrolling my FB wall post, I saw this one article posted by one my FB's friendlist. It attracted my attention. The title was #SingleGirlProblems: The 17 Reasons I'm An Undateable Girl. . Its a good reading actually..(yeah, for single lady or women or girl) which it somehow telling the truth. So, here is what I've thought and opinion about the article.

Among all the 17 reason that had been stated, I love reason no 9 a lot. It is much better to hang out with a guy friend because I can do whatever I want and sometime pretending that I am their girlfriend even though it is not. *evil grin*. Futhermore, hanging out with them help me to understand more about guy feelings and somehow I am the one who suggest them how to flirt with a girl. It kinda win-win situation.

Reason no 7 is the best too. I have bestfriends and other girl friends which I always hanging out with. We talk about a lot of stuff. I love being with them, THATS IT. What other reason I should say? They understand me as who I am, so do I. So, no problem with that.. am I?

And, reason no 16. Heeeee... this one is kinda epic to me. It is ridiculous if someone say "Oh..i've meet my mr.perfect." Heyy... there is no one is perfect. is perfect for the first time. But, it slowly slowly getting low when you have no attraction or desire with your partner. Especially when you only want him because of his look or his money or his car or anything. In goal relationships, there is one thing you and your partner should have mutual interest, that is accept each other lack. Simple. But.. *sigh* For me, of course I want to love a right person. A person who deserve my love, my charm, my sweetness, blah blah blah. But, nay...let me focus what is in front of my eyes.

So, as I thought deeply and deeply about that article, for some reason Yes it is true. By the way, on the other point we all need someone to always be there for us. In a short time, we think that we don't need a man, but for a long time we really need them to accompany us during our good and bad day. Not everything we can share with our parents, or friends. It is true when we having a bad day, (as I feel from my past experience)  family is always there to help us. But deep inside our heart, we need that kind of attention from someone that he or she really taking care about us. Family is still a family but they also have other commitment with their own life. The most crucial thing being a single is, you will feel really alone and feel like an alien when most of friend a getting married and having a kids. And you still stay as the same situation. I am not saying that, all of us should be married. No.. what my point is that, the feeling you have when you surround by them living happily with their spouse and kids, you feel like you missing something. Something deep in your heart. *Only single girl understand what I'm saying*

So, that all I think. Till meet again with another post. Byeeeee

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