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Friday, January 30, 2015

:: Because I Love You by Shakin' Steven ::

Hello there.

What a cold morning here. I am shivering! *sniff sniff*

Last night, I was paused for a while on listening this on Lite FM. This song, the melody and lyrics so beautiful and of course I'm in love with this song.

Why I love this song so suddenly? The reason is that yesterday I celebrated the 4th monthversary with him, my part time partner. I know it maybe too early for me to celebrated it. But why not? Its a way how I can attracted his feeling even though I know both of us will not be together in future. Despite, I would love to say my thankful to him as he has been by my side all this while. Thank you my baby sayang.

He maybe worried if he let me down, but as I had promised to him and to myself, I trully understand our situation. As long as I am happy be with him and we create a lot of memories as we can, so that I can keep it for the rest of my life. Just a memories to be remember.

Frankly speaking, I do miss him when he is not around. I do care a lot about him. I do pampered him a lot. And I do worried about him if he is in trouble. So, can it call as LOVE?? I don't know.

Okay. Enough with all with my story. Now, lets enjoy the song. Have a good day everyone.



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