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Monday, September 26, 2011

:: Club-ing with Hitz Fm ::

dear bloggie....

**shake shake head and body**

Right now (1.33 am, 27 Sept) i'm listening to Club hitz segment. Wah.... memang shake2 la head n body aku dgr lagu ni. Teringatkan saat2 lepas aku spent time ngn member2 aku. Sekarang je xtvt ada kureng skit... knapa dan mngapa?? Aku pon x tau mcm nak explain dgn lbh dlm lg. For sure, each of us busy with assignment.. ( tp dulu pun bz gak ngn assgment, dpt ga pegi...)

Bila lgi nak pegi..?? Last pegi pun, last week ngn BF..F aku ni dn jgak dgn sorg lagi mmber yg mmg salu pegi. Hehehehe....

Guys, miss the moment we spent together. Laugh together...and "heng2" together..(that moment la...) hahahahahaha...

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