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Friday, January 20, 2012

::My Birthday ::

dear bloggie....

Happy Birthday to me!!... Today is my 23th birthday. Wow... 23 years old, and i'm here still single and available (but yet i'm not accept anyone..) hehehe.. On this special day, i did not celebrate it. Yeah..yeah.. it is because i'm at JB, not my own house...or at Kuching. If i at Kuching..of coz i really drunk tonite!! Yuhuuu!! HAHAHAHA...who care. My birthday i can do whatever i want to do.. it's my special day. HEHEHE... but here, what can i do since it is not to important to them. They were busy with their work and other things. Hurm... i'm only a guest here..hurm...

And today also was my third day working at Worldwide Sealing Company. Already know how to do purchase order, deliver order and invoice...i'm still slow, but can understand easily if i try harder... hehehehehe...Hope i can do it better next time eventhough i only spend 1 month here... just helping my aunt and uncle je... :D


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