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Saturday, January 21, 2012

:: Sharing birthday ::

dear bloggie....

After done with work at office, than i and my aunt went to Giant Plentong. Having some shopping for Emily (my cousin) and i birthday party. It's not a big party. Just the simple one. Only Emily, my aunt, Angela's babysitter and i who enjoying the party. Uncle H didn't join us. Maybe he is to tired. But nevermind la...

We BBQ!! Chicken wing, lamb shoulder, and catfish (ikan keli laa) is our main dish. Waa... hehehe... After having a light dinner, than Emily and i "potong birthday cake!" hehe... Fruity cake. Have peach, strawberry, kiwi and dragon fruit on top of the cake. It is really nice and yummy. I like it!

Anyway, thanks to Aunty N buy all the stuff... And also Angela who always cheer us up! Sayang Angela.. NAughty Angela.!

To all the chinese, Happy Chinese New Year and Have a Prosperity This Year. Gong xi gong xi..ang pau na lai! Hehehe...


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