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Monday, January 23, 2012

:: 4 bottle! ::

dear bloggie...

Because of this chinese new year, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate it. HAHAHA... But of coz not in chinese way la... Tonight, all of us having a great time together. My uncles, cousin and i having drinks la.. Before that, in the day i was helping my aunt cleaning the house. From downstairs to upstairs. Quite tired la.. then, at night my aunt in-law come to house and what a happening..

OMG.. We drinks Baileys (alcohol that smells like capucino), than i'm having a whiskey (black label, dimple and green label) . Walao!! Then, my uncle start "pening", andmy cousin and i keep listening their talking. What a silly laa... Make me smile non-stop.

But then, i need to move. And here i am updated my blog. HEhehe... I'm not to drunk. I need to control my behavior in front of my uncle . Otherwise, i will start laughing and laughing than singing. HAHAHA~~ Still respect them la.. HEEHEHE... (xnak pecah tembelang nanti). HAHAHA..

Maybe after this, i will take a look at them for a while before i go to sleep. (if so..hehe). Just to make sure all is clean enough. Or, i just go to sleep. HEHEHE..

Anyway, don't drink and drive. Beware of the dog. In the house is ok. HEHEHE..


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