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Sunday, July 31, 2011

:: 1st of August ::

dear bloggie,

I think we should welcoming month of August. WELCOME AUGUST!!!

Yeah... today 1st of august. And 1st day of Ramadhan. I'm really sure all my muslim friend really excited on this day. They wake up early to have sahur. Than prepared for their first buka puasa. And me too.. Waiting for bazaar ramadhan open this evening. I am very sure i will meet a lot of my ex school mate at bazaar ramadhan. Hehehehe....

OWHHH... i really miss moment when i break fasting with my dear UNIMAS friends. We buy food together at DESA ILMU bazaar ramadan. Than shared our food.. Miss u all guys. ( JANGAN PONTENg PUASA K?? hehe)

Plus, i can't wait my sweety kutty coming this evening. So, I wake up very early and start housekeeping. Sweeping, mopping, laundry, then cooking! Hehehe....

Beside, this month is the month where i lost someone special. My great grandmother. I hope she live happily ever after at sebayan. Inik chit, miss u so much. Wait we celebrate gawai hantu for u than u can have a beautiful and nice place at sebayan k?

And not forget, my bestie's birthday!!! She will turn 22 this month on 4th of august. HAHAHAAHA!! Babe, i had prepared a gift for u. Hope u really like it. HEHEHE...

Anyway... SELAMAT BERPUASA to my muslim friend and hope u guys enjoy this holy month. :)


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