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Thursday, December 22, 2011

:: Christmas!!!! ::

dear bloggie.....

HoHOHO..merry christmas to those celebrate it. Me here? Celebrate alone without my family. UUUUWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Sedih!!! Mummy,daddy and my 2 little bro celebrate at my daddy village, Long Selaan. Timothy celebrate it at JB with anty nelly and family. While, i'm here stuck at Kuching!! HUHUHUHU... pity me...... Next year, i balik christmas!! Peduli.. Hate this feeling.. Tapikan, xde ke hadiah christmas aku tahun ni?? hehehehe...

Assignment pon dah habis. Sekarang tumpukan kat final je. Hope final ni nanti aku dapat buat sehabis baik la... hehehehe...Nanti result kuar conform2 la gempak kan?? kan?? hehehehe...anyway, to my dearest fren especially my dear classmate, wish u guys good luck and do the best! :D

Ok lah..dah lama x update blog tersayang ni.. Well, too busy with my assignment and other things. Now, i free from any assignment. Just need to focus on my final exam. But first of all, i want to rewards myself..ITS SHOPPING TIME!!!! hahahaha..msti bnyak sale kan skrang? hehehehe... Shopping sorang2 je lah... hehehehe... !!!

p/s: Merry christmas and happy new year!!

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