Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lets The Memory Remains..


6 months. 6 months I've been in strange, complicated and untold relationship with him. 6 months I had knowing a lot of thing. 6 months I doing something new to me. 6 months....

The only word that i can express is THANK YOU. Thank you for be part of my life. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the caring as I had received. Thank you for everything. Thank you so much.

All the memories we had created together is worthy for me. Even it only for a short time of period, but I highly appreciated for what you had done to me.

I hope after this we can be a friend. Just a friend.


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