Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

:: Everything Have A Reason..*perhaps* ::

Hello everyone.

Yeah..i know its been almost 2 weeks i did not updated my blog. Quite busy lately. Please forgive me..ok?

Actually, there was a lot of thing happened to me. Family, workplace and my own personal issue. Hurm..

As the eldest siblings, i have to deal with a lot of responsibility. My others siblings which are my brothers, they are still schooling. Plus, my father are not working currently. I can say it quite hard for me. My point here is, this responsibility really really really need full commitment. Only now I realized it. (sigh)... I believe, every single person on this earth are having family problem. Except that,the situation is different. If it same, still it different. (do you know what i'm trying to say?) I have this one thinking that i should escape away for a while from this problem. But then, I think back. If i escape, then come back, still the problem is there. Thanks a lot to one of my dearest friend, Diana. She talk a lot to me about this matter. It is help me a lot. Thanks sweety. I N.E.E.D to solve this thing first, then I will go for that "escape thingy". We can run away from problem so easily. No matter what problem is, i must confront it and solve it.

Honestly, in term of love love thing.. I don't know. Should i give up with my part time partner or just keep on moving with what i've done. In positive way, i need him actually. Especially when i'm down and up. I need someone to take care of me, someone i can share my story no matter what. Someone that i can be there and vice versa. But in negative side, he can't love me back. He is care on me but he not love me. He love someone else. I have no intention to take him over from other lady..NO.. Only that, maybe i feel lonely and he willingly to fill my loneliness. (sigh). I admit that i am in complicated relationship. Serve me right. *face palm*

Ok.. enough with that. Now, i just keep on moving with my life. There is nothing i can regret. What happens, it happens.


Grace XOXO

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