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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

:: Blossom of Love? ::

Hello there. 

I think almost  a week I didn't update my blog. Its been a busy week for me. Busy getting money as some people said. I do but I don't want to be money's slave. Hoho.. I just want to have money for a living. A good live of course. 

Okay. Last time I did post about my current situation with my part time partner. Erm..did I mention he cried because of me? Let me make it simple. I never expected that he would cried for me. I don't know either he cry because he love me or he worried he played with my heart. I don't know. I only know he cried. So suddenly!! I asked him why, then he said he cried because he feel guilty with me. He feel that he seem play with my heart. If he not say "Yes" when I'm offering my deal last time, he will not feel the guiltiness on me. Then, because I saw he cried, I tell him I can let him go he want to and I don't want he feel sad or sympathy on me. You want to know what his answer? He said "NO!. I don't want you to let me go and I don't want to let u go too."  And me? Ok. Fine, if he said that so. 

Honestly, I feel the same way. I also don't want to let him go because I care a lot about him. But, if situation is getting worst in future, all I can do is to let him go. Heart is broken or not is not a question. The only thing matter is I want to see he happy with his life and his choice. He deserves to choose his life path. I can't force him to love me back. Because I don't want him love me because of sympathy. I only want he love me sincerely as I do feel to him now.

For a moment being, our relationship is still okay. We still doing crazy thing together. Sometimes I'm wondering why I like him. *wink wink* The first thing that make attract to him is his name. His name is one of a kind. I meet him for first time, my heart pumping faster like it want to explode. Oh gucci. You may say I over making story but that was I feel and YES! I still the same feeling until today. Hahaha.. silly right? I admit that I am the one who make the first move. Invite him to have a drink, just two of us. Then, today? I don't know how to say. HAHA! 

Girls and women out there, don't be afraid to flirt on someone that you attract with. Its not a crime. You flirt then you friend with him but don't OVER FLIRTING!. After that, when you feel comfortable, keep it on. Flirt some more with him. If you uncomfortable, then flirt with other person. Simple. Hehehe.. Be friend with a lot of guys and then you can choose which one is you think suitable with you. I just saying my opinion. Choice is in you hand. Am i right?

Okay. I think that all for a time being. See you again on my next post. 


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