Life is really miserable. Ups and downs is always there. At the same time it helps us a lot to stand up still and moving forward. We may falling down a lot but yet we still try to stand up again. No matter what.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

:: Don't You Remember?::

Hello everyone.

Sorry for my missing since im too busy with my work. Last few days, i heard Adele's song, Don't You Remember was played at cafe while i'm having dinner with my housemate.

This song remind me about how to love one another. It seem that i almost forgot how to love others. Especially love myself. I'm too busy to please other until i forget to please myself. Huhu.. what a pathetic.

After this, i will love myself more.. And my dear friends, please love yourself too. Because there is no other person can love you more except yourself. :D


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